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This event, known as the Hijra, is commemorated in Islam for its role in the founding of the first Muslim community. This image shot at the Hijra Sammelan in Mumbai had garnered views than I blocked it for a few years from my hijra set and Flickr timeline , now I have bought it back. Also called Mir-i-Arab, he was considered the spiritual mentor of Ubaidullah-khan and his son Abdul-Aziz-khan. Ubaidullah-khan waged a successful war against Iran. At least three times his troops seized Herat.

A short film, under the direction of Jim Roberts, is being made by Rock Star Productions in which the protagonist is portrayed as a hijra.

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This film is set to be released on 1 May. Kashmir Road, Karachi, Karachi [? I relive a nightmare every time I log into Flickr where all my blogs poems street pictures originate. As a person like many of you I have my likes dislikes preferences and what I shoot is not what I like but I shoot it all the same I shoot culture rituals customs that are part of the crucible of peace in the land I live in India the place of my birth and heritage.

I dont ridicule the people I shoot or insult their ancestry or religiosity and I dont shoot porn or filth, it is not necessary I shoot only what you likemy account is marked SAFE by Flickr management and the buck stops there. I shoot Shiasm although I am a Shia Muslim but if you are watching my pictures than see them as a part of religious photo journalism.

It matters not whether you like Shia or consider them infidels that is your personal prerogative I wont change. Be human as I am when I shot these picturesI am a Muslim but the bulk of my images pay tribute to Hinduismpart of a thread I shoot as photojournalism called Hope and Hindutva a Message of Peace and Humanity.

I shoot Hijras the transgender to show you their struggle with a system that treats them as Untouchables. Now perhaps you who add me as a contact on Flickr have your own views preferences but dont shove it up my reluctant ass. I am not interested in seeing transgender body partshow they fuck or how they give head. Please dont treat me as a Moronread my Profile for fuck sake before you add me, dont add me without a profile picture or incomplete profile bio data.

I have thus blocked contacts at Flickr nothing personal but my way of acceptance on my terms. My Profile you have to read before you Add me as contact on Flickr, I think in this regard Facebook is million light years ahead from a monolithic system of adding contacts or friends at Flickr. Because of all this as a silent protest seeking change conducive to harmony and peace as blogger whose pictures educate show you the underbelly of life on the edge I have strangled my Flickr comment box forever.

I have stopped adding transgender crossdressers gays homosexuals with lewd photo streams and favorites as contacts completely I will block you with immediate effect.

not simple, seems

A Humble Request to those who visit my site for the first time. Just see what is appropriate to your taste. I am doing a public service by showing you a corner of my world that you wont see in travel brochures. I do not promote any religion.

Hijira girl pic

I cannot cater to your individual religious taste. I am a Shia Blogger but not bound to any ideology of narrow mindedness or bigotry. As a silent protest I have removed my comment boxes from all my Flickr pictures till one day when Flickr introduces Comment Moderation, the right to publish a comment rests in my handsI will keep my comment box off limits to the public.

I shoot pictures of painas I see pain in the viewfinder of my soul, my poems are my personal thoughtsperhaps they are a bit opinionated. I am not a Mullah or a preacher. Babar Ali has his tea shop at Moti Katlawhere most of the Hijra goddesses from all over India come to stay and most of them sit around his chai shop.

And I come and sit here too barefeetI shoot document the transgender both the ones from Delhi and Mumbai are in two buildings facing each other. I have the shot them extensively their humanity under siege from draconian laws like Article and the homophobic attitude of society against their existence is part of my transgender storyboard.

After I finished shooting the Hijras at Andheri Versova Link Road I saw this enormously far lady unable to fit in a rickshahthere was another person in the ricksha too.

These are pictures I shot before I left for Ajmer and am posting them nowI have always been fascinated with the spirituality of the hijab. And I talk about the hijab indigenous to Muslim society, in India the hijab does not have any such opposition as one finds in Europe. Hijab stories will never end but Hijab in India is a garment of grace modesty and harmonious dignity.

As I come from a modern liberal Shia familythe modern liberal applies to mewe have no issue with the hijab. While coming back from a tiring trip from Ajmera bus drive from Ajmer ro Surat followed by another bus trip from Surat to Vasai. I encountered a Hindu girl with the end of her Rajasthani saree used as a veil or Ghungat. She sat by the window and light filtered in revealing the silhouette of her femininity. I shot several frames. I also shot a Muslim girl at Taragadh a mountain top near Ajmer writing an Arzi a request for a healthy child.

Babita Naina and Khushi from MumbaiKareenabut the most exotic and a very new nubile hijra called Raveena. I must have shot over pictures of Raveena hijra of Aligarh. And it is not a boast but I shoot hijras differently, the hijra beauties I shot are very rare species you will never see in your entire life time. I climbed Taragah barefeet 5 km.

I was caught in a stampede at the doors of the dargahI fell down people walked all over me till I was eventually saved by the Khadim and the crowds. And reaching Ajmer is nothing short of a miracle. I will show all this like a story board from Dadar railway station to Ajmer. I shot a lot of stuff from the upper tier of my bus. I had shot the gay parade over picturesI have posted some of them at Flickrbut I have yet to post over more to my Gay Prade set I would copy the Flickr link to Facebook, as most of the Facebook members committed and part of the gay community including my Hijra Guru Laxmi Narayan Tripathi dont access Flickr.

only reserve

I like Facebook, but because of overreaching the limit of links I was told in no easy terms by the Facebook team my account would be disabled for spamming.

I will in a few minutes reach photo blogs at Flickr. So as a poet this kick on my black ass hit me hard and I have emotionalized it in pedestrian verse. I had earlier thought of deleting my Facebook account. Rayo my childhood friend of 50 years known as Ray Framroze says he only browses Facebook and no other site. Her Fridays are lucky even if they fall on the 13 simply because Friday is the day of the weekly congregational prayers or namaz.

People rushing for namazpay her a few coins notesand she sits here and has been shot by me previously too. I dont ask her questionsbut I do tell her to take some help from the Mosques but it is not much help as they are hardly entertained she tells me. One thing is sure if I was a woman I could sit by her side understand her pain the story of her life.

My wife does not talk to strangers does not exchange views with whom she does not know. I pay generously to the beggars I shootI give old clotheswhatever I can on humanitarian grounds and I give to all communities including the beggar hijras.

I once did tell a publisher if he published my poems I would give all the money to the children of prostitutes. But than my poems and my pictures are offensive to human tastemy pictures are real and the pain within real too. After all they are Muslims aren't they. I hate to say but it is Gods bitter truth on the soul of human semiconscious. Their children born to beg betrayed by Islamic societya few coins but no rehabilitation.

pity, that

I saw her begging from the shops on Bazar roadface covered and carrying the agony of life, what is her story? Why does she beg? And there are no NGOS even the more desired Muslim ones that would at least approach them fiind out the cause is it a collective cause that binds them all.

with you agree

As a man I cannot talk to them I shoot their pictures I give them alms and what I give cannot change their karmic fateand this will make the Muslims blush as most Muslims believe in Akhrat but not Karma or Dharma. I do metaphorically as a street photographer and street poet. And the beggar lady who comes to my shop every Thursday with her childshe has three girls her husband works but they cant manage so I presume she begs.

She is going to her home town Andhra Pradesh. I dont know her name the little one she told me has not yet been named, she is so photogenic that it is hard to believe she has a begging mother. And so I shoot their angsttheir voicelessness their faceless hopesand document their struggle on the streets and the few are docile humble but there are many a haughty ones among beggars with sound proof attitude that would shock my poor grand mother in her grave at Talkatora Karbala in Lucknow.

I could write so much about beggars as the camera sensor not only reads light but eternal pain too as it falls on the soul of my cosmic consciousness. But let me reiterate many a times I meet Muslim beggar ladies in hijab who follow me I dont shoot their picturesI shoot on impulse and the poet in me has to decide before I take the shot the photographer in me is a dumb lazy son of a sea cook As a photographer I am nothing but point just aim and shoot and Marziya does it much better than me but here I must digress Marziya is a poet too with a divine eye that collects the pain of the street.

Some pictures I shoot for the heck of it senseless stupid and meaningless and than all of a sudden in retrospection they become topical and base of my street poetry. Wise is synonymous with pedagogue like the Tower of Babble somewhere in Mallu Land.

I luckily dont add people on Facebook even when it is randomly suggested but if their is a mutual friend I let down my blinkers. The Muslim community welcomes Ramzanmonth of piety charity and a month dedicated to the beauty of the Almightyonly a month mind you after Ramzan after Eid it is back to normal. And I am not belittling Ramzan just the reality of the followers of Islamand the poor find hope in Ramzanand good days in Ramzan touch the beggars life too and during Iftari time you can see all the beggars in Muslim society outside the various mosques Holy Shrines waiting to be counted.

I dont celebrate Eid I am a beggar too I show my solidarity with the beggars I am barefeet the same look the same old clothes. Yes there are many sects in Islam the only two sects in Islam on Eid I see are the rich affluent Muslim and the very poor and beggarly Muslims. And this picture of my two year old grand daughter Marziya Shakir shot last year at Bandrawas my way of showing her, her worldly roots as a Muslimthe poor on the streetsI exposed Marziya to painto the slums to the world of beggars she shot hijra beggars last Bakra Eid and I took her to Mahim when she was very small introduced her to Appu the beggar without hands or legs, she has never forgotten Appuand it saddens me he has disappeared I searched for himbecause Marziya told me on seeing his picture Grand Pa when will I shoot himI told her she has to waitfor if I find him and Marziya shoots him that will complete the cycle of her street photography of pain.

She has shot Moharam the Zanjir matam of the kids and the only Holy Month in a Shia household that never ends is Moharam I dont deliberately shoot beggars I dont stalk beggarsbut the beggar soul stalks me as a beggar poet a camera hung around my neck, I know places days where I will meet beggars but I avoid such situations I have no urge to shoot beggars or the beggar hijrasbut they were destined by a lesser god to be captured as the essence of my poetry and spread around.

I shoot Muslim beggars a set at my Flickr photostream, cultivated nurturedI sgot beggars when I climbed mountains barefeet I shot beggars at Taragad near Ajmer with bleeding flesh, some beggars cut their bodies afresh to garner sympathy, I have broken my fast with beggars during Ramzan. Maria the leper lady with sockets for her eyesher daughter Mary is a leper too, but she saved her grand childrenshe converted to Christianity as the general humanity was not willing to help her no not even the Hindusso her grand daughter is in a orphanage and her son studies in a work school.

She knows me by soundand my smell. Dr Losack like me shoots beggars too. Ishot beggar kids who sold flags on our Independence day, and than hardly two or three years I saw them begging with their own newly born child. I know scams corruption should go but when will poverty degradation of human life go. I shoot beggars and every time I shoot them a part within me dies too. I am ating this blank post today. I hate sunsetslandscapes that show Gods beauty but des not end hungerI wont shoot Gods beauty at all, I refuse to shoot itfor me beauty is the gnarled hands of a beggar.

Most of the beggars are more friendly with Marziya Shakirmy grand daughter who has been shooting beggars since she was Through photography I want my grand daughter to be a great human beingthis is the purpose of my photography as photo blogs the purpose that my wife thinks is a failed attempt to get even with my lifebut she would not mind if my photography bought in some extra bucks.

Permission is given on the whims of the Dargah authorities. I applied for permission, presented my Press Cardmy Pan Card two photographs, but as you see I dont look like a photographer so it was turned down as the Dargah authorities give permission to a white man first, the Indian photographer is deemed a terrorist according to the mind set of the people in charge.

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I have continuously stayed at the house of Peersaab Fakhru Miya Hujra no 6 my host, benefactor and patron every trip that I made to Ajmer Urus from to. I call this Tablike Khwajah Gharib Nawaz.

Hindus throng to seek the Holy Saints blessings you ask for a single wish he extends it to your unborn child too, such is the bounty of the Khwajah Gharib Nawaz. I am not an adherent of Sufism,but I am touched by the Holy Saint who beckons me year after year, I am going through very bad times in my business this trip was not happening, but he pulled me across.

I shot for two days that made a moment seem like a life time. I hold no grudge towards the Dargah authoritiesbut I would like to display my inner hurt publicly so one can read in black and white, as in some cases Indian photographers are allowed at the Dargah with cameras and arc lights only if Katrina Kaif comes in as she generates the hoopla for commercialism in spirituality.

This year I shot the Hijras. I shot the gemstone markets, the beggars, Dhai Din Ka Jhopda, and on the last day shot a Mehfil on the eve of Chatti on the terrace of the house of my host Peersaab Fakhru Miya Hujra No 6 one of the specil spontaneous events was the Whirring Dervesh of Ajmer a sight you normally dont see in public but at privately.

I had traveled barefeet and remained barefeet till I reached Mumbai this morning at 7 am. I removed shards off glass in the evening from my tortured feet, and I did not carry my diabetic medicine or my insulin syringe at AjmerI felt if I come to a Spiritual Healer like Khwajah Gharib Nawaz why must I carry medicineshis love and affection protected me at all times.

I have a vardan of Hijras they cross my path at all times. I must mention this significant detail. This was the first shot and the child turned her back, and the irony is that though they beg they are filled with shame and begging is fine but most of the Kashmiri men beg along with their teen daughters which hurts but than the Muslim pocket can be miserly and needs a provocation of guilt. I dont stalk or search for pictures god gives them to me in my cameras beggar bowl, all this was shot yesterday.

I missed the Hijra beggars who come to beg for meat and money. Even the Namaz at the Bandra Station road was not as crowded as Ramzan. I was quite late but yes I got something. And I shot beggar women veiled in desperation searching for hope in the crowds.

More than a metal camera body you need a human heart and a soul. This picture was shot two years back outside my old workplace at Bandraand if you see Marziya you see the passion of a street photographer even without a camera and I never even now ever considered the camera an instrument that takes picturesMarziya shot the Awakener without the camera.

The Awakeners are Muslim beggars but during Ramzan they do this additional service of waking people for the Holy Fast. I must also add that it is not necessary all those who do this sublime job are beggars there are those who do it voluntarily as service to Muslim society, they get paid on Thursdays or on the eve of Ramzan Eid.

Their greatest enemy are the stray dogs that hate strangers waking them up from their sleep so they charge at these Awakenersbut the stick in their hands keeps evil canine intentions at bay.

Most of the hafiz kazi lower level Koran teachers of kidsare totally occupied during Ramzanhousing societies invite them to lead the namaz and take care of the roza proceedings.

for that interfere

As I am barefeet and not heavily decked I go to town and break fast with the beggar communityit is a moment snatched from a moment in eternity and I am crying as I write this their frugality hits me hard and not to belittle themI hand them quietly some money after I have broken my fast. And I have in all humility captured Ramzan through a poets eyeshuman eyes shown you places where angels dare to tread and I might if possible go to Lucky Compund at Byculla to break fast with the hijras.

Of late because of the advent of Ramzan and other personal reasons of pain I kept the hijra profile of my blogs on low key, but here I must add my dear friend Khushi the prettiest most beautiful transgender in the worldsends me her Ramzan messageand keeps all the fast she is a Namazishe does charity and for me she is a devout Muslim. I am not God to judge anyone for their life's chosen path, I know of hijra prostitutes in the red light area that stop their business for a month to be one with God.

And those dear Hindu friends who fast along with us. And today is my first fastand it is the first fast of all us Mumbaikars and it is a great start a great dawn of hope harmony brotherhood. Firoze bhai - i tell my sons and even posted here - Pehle Insaan ban phir ban jaa Muslamaan - kya pata neik amal tuje Ek Momin banaa de And in Muslim society there are no healers as though a few coins will suffice for her bad days to go away, I know a beggar woman on Bandra Hill Road two children her husband drops her opposite the Tata Fire Temple and she begs in the night.

She requested me not to shoot her or her husband will beat her. I dont shoot her at all. Yes I shoot beggars. Ramzan time two important things can be seen the hasty run not to miss the Tarawi. I dont sell pictures either of the hijras and I am bemused when somebody says Sal Garibon ka photo leke bechta hai.

agree, useful

Because media prefers shooting potholes to wake a somnolent government I shot beggars to show you they exist. This entire series is hidden from public at my Flickr timelineit is called Crossdressing the Soul Of Man I have shot a lot of transandrogynecrossdressers and hijras over images including hermaphrodites. But I am not willing to share it with the publicand mostly full of homophobic hate for others ,even the government hates them.

But anyway I opened this image to tell Edwins tragic tale ,he died unsung on 29 December ,I did not know about ittill Bipn a very dear friend told me about it. Edwin was a very beautiful person his male body was held in captivity as a woman Prometheus boundheavily chained no escapehe was going through bad times no work assignments and the bigger blow came when his bank account was hacked all his savings hard earned gone foreverhe went under depression I am toldand he died tragically I am not willing to share the gory details with respect to his family.

I was going to shoot the Mumbai Pride at August KrantI Marg in and I was told Edwin was getting his ladies costume picked up from Bipins studio and he would dress up and leave from here with another friend I requested Bipin if I could come over and shoot Edwin.

I have all those picture and even all my Pride Walk documentary has been blocked from public view. I never forgot Edwin he was human a gem. I hope wherever he is there is no Damocles sword Article hanging over his head an act that shames humanity and Indian political hypocrisy getting rid of everything Colonial except this evil degrading act a gift of the British Vampireand honestly we are still bound to them by the umbilical cord of depravity ,yes we are still fucked niggas and natives.

Marc De Clercq is a lover of Humanitya very low profile human being a great photographer but hates being photographedand he tolerates me to some extent as I blog his soul and bring it alive on the Internet. I dont do it for money or to gain and ingratiate myself with himhe is million light years a much better photographer than me, I am basically a point and shoot artist. Once Marc did get upset with me at Mahim and brushed me off for asking someone for taking my picture with himthough it hurt me immensely I forgave him the snub.

Marc shoots hijras transgender and recently began shooting living with the Dam Madar Malangs and Malang is not just a Sufi spirituality it is a state of mind too.

Like being called MastanMastan is a spiritually satisfied soul I am called a Mastan by the Rafaees body piercing ascetic of India.

know, how necessary

I have for over ten years or perhaps much less documented the Chancawalli Rafaeesand lived with themfollowed them from one Urus to the nextit was the Chancawalli Peer late Sikandarwali Bawa who introduced me to Haji Malang and later I saw Ajmer Sharif very late in life. I am not a Sufi adherent but I have their peaceful mindset, I prefer them a million times than the neo Muslim. I distance myself from any Islamic school that denigrates anyone who is a believer of Ahle Bayt Well back to Marc.

Marc too likes my family and Marziya my photo shooting grand daughter 3 and a half year old gets along with Marc like peanut and butter. Marziya has met some of the finest photographers at our house and is our in house photographer for the welcoming guests. Marc has walked with the Dam Madar Malangs this year too from Delhi to Ajmer on foot rains heat storm, braving all the odds and is now considered a Malang himself. Shooting Marc shooting pictures is learning the art of Unlearning photography, when Marc shoots pictures even his left hand does not know that his right hand is holding the camera so I shoot him without him knowing that I am shooting him.

Because we bloggers are point shoot photo artists heavy duty cameras or celebrity photographers dont intimidate us we are bloggers who are not into showing off or competitive photography or fucked awards the government of India gives you when you are an inch closer away from your grave.

So I trained my grand daughter the worlds youngest street photographer by shooting eminent photographers who come to my houseby shooting beggars hijras and urchins on the street Marziyas Hanukkah present from Glenn was the Nikon D 80 she has been using since the age of Mumbai, a small community of muslim transgenders or hijra in their house.

Usually this kind of communities are organized into households with a hijra guru as head. Even a few hijras in white clothes participated in the Friday namaz from this house that is rented by Gopal Haji and Babita hijra of Najafgarh. Gopal and Babita had to abort their tripcut it short as a senior hijra from their gharana was sick. I shot a lot of pictures of Raveenasimply because she was highly cultured, educated ,seductive and a charming face to shoot.

Her mobile phone kept ringing non stop, everyone wanted to talk to her. I presume. She would give any starlet of Bollywood a run for her money. The Mehfil on the Terrace of Peersaabs house was to commemorate the eve of Chatti. As I was leaving the following morningthis was the eve of my departure from Ajmer Sgarif, I was to catch the Aravalli Express at 11 am, I had come to Ajmer bare feet, I had stopped all my insulin intake and diabetic medicine, I had raw fresh wounds on my feet.

I shot this event and the highlight was the dancing dervesh of Ajmerwhirling kaif that they performed on the beats of the qawwals. I went into kaif too. I aborted this segment to go and get my tired feet massaged at Moti Katla and shot the hijras and the rafaees. I shot 3 cards of 4 GB each.

As the final resting place of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad, it is considered the second holiest site in Islam by Muslims the first being the Masjid al-Haram in Mecca and is the second largest mosque in the world. One of the most notable features of the site is the Green Dome over the center of the mosque, where the tomb of Muhammad is located.

The site was originally Muhammad's house; he settled there after his Hijra emigration to Medina, later building a mosque on the grounds. The basic plan of the building has been adopted in the building of other mosques throughout the world.

The mosque also served as a community center, a court, and a religious school.

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There was a raised platform for the people who taught the Qur'an. Most are physically male or intersex, but some are physically female. Hijras usually refer to themselves linguistically as female, and usually dress as women. Although they are usually referred to in English as "eunuchs", relatively few have any genital modification Most Hijras transgender in India live at the margins of society.

Few employment opportunities are available to them. Many get their income from performing at ceremonies, begging, or sex work.

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Grateful to be featured on - and moreover this picture will be exhibited in the university college of london from 13 to 22 march by Silvia Alessi. Silvia Alessi is a photographer and make-up artist from Italy. November Learn how and when to remove this template message The hijra community due to its peculiar place in sub-continental society which entailed marginalisation yet royal privileges developed a secret language known as Hijra Farsi.

The novel City of Djinns by William Dalrymple also features a chapter on hijras. The Hijra Mothers Day by firoze shakir photographerno1. Hijra's promoting condoms by surprisemarise.

Heena Hijra The Sultry Siren by firoze shakir photographerno1. Unauthorized use or reproduction of my pictures or text for any reason is prohibited Firoze Shakir Photographerno I am not a Mullah or a preacherI give space I don't need to grab attention. Flickr is where all my posts blogs poems originate.

This years Pro membership was given to me by a very kind man. Babar Ali Chaiwala of Moti Katla by firoze shakir photographerno1. Taken for a ride by firoze shakir photographerno1. So I thought I would introduce myself to her poetically. Prologue to Ajmer Urus by firoze shakir photographerno1. My wife my daughter in laws wear it so does my 2 and a half year old grand daughter Marziya. Kamini was there with a novice nubile hijra called Muskan.

I shot my two favorite eunuch children Mona and Nandini.

Beautiful transgender woman from Pakistan - Rimal Ali - Pakistani Hijra

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