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Casey Weighs Over 700 lbs and Plays Video Games All Day Naked - Family By the Ton

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The WilSon wedding is coming sooner than you think. Caroline makes a speech. If she's done by May, expect the wedding at the end of the month.

Could it be James Scott? I posted before that I saw an interview with him on the red carpet of some awards show. He said peevishly that he wanted to do other things but was prevented from doing them because of his contract.

Among those things was moving to Paris or New Zealand. He said he wasn't going to stay at Days forever. If Sami's going, maybe she'll take Elvis with her. Let me settle the Hotness of a Guy once and for all, first, I am a supporter of the Wilson storyline and don't mind who plays Will but Guy is not hot, he is okay and looks like a man, Chan on the other hand is very handsome with great skin but looks more like a boy, he wasn't into the role since his coming out storyline, I supported him when he decided to quit but Guy is doing a great job and deserve a chance.

You are right about boy looking Massey R but Guy is hot, i will choose him over Massey any day. I hope so. The Hernandez family was one of the worst additions to the show. But I didn't find that cute Dario.

I can't believe they are still trying to find her a love interest. She looks like that crazy tanning lady.

Guy's and Freddie's bed sheets must be matching DNA samples at this point. Good for them. Hope Alyssa has bought a clue. The crime of being scorching hot and have a dick that shreads holes. All fist-degree crimes. His sentence: life with the man Freddie that he love.

There has been no others, so there nothing to worry about, so protecion is not necessary. Do not get me started on that Alyssa person. She never more then anything more to Freddie than anything but a hag, and I know this to the case. Rr, your brain and your teeny, weeny, peeny are equally "in tack" Now ya'll know that means that your lil' ol' brain is stuffed inside your teeny lil'peeny and thar's still a lil' room left.

Yes, I alreddy said I'm in-tack, Rr But that don't mean I don't like Chandler and Freddie and want them to be boyfriends cuz Guy is so nasty looking like an elf that's all jacked up in the face and that's why Freddie don't like to kiss him! Yo mama must be so proud.

Bet ya'll are from Wanker County, too! Don't force yourself to an early grave R, watching and writing stupid remarks about someone you don't like can't be good for your health, all your comments about Guy proves you are very depressed.

This woman is a brand new recast. They are going to start taping together on the same day.

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Eileen's marriage to Jon Lindstrom was a public disaster. New Freddie Smith article. Found in it is Freddie's most embarrassing moment. Oh, and he can be found running back to the set from the commissary.

So ironical! I watched Chandler's tennis movie sometime back on Amazon Prime. It was predictable and he had zero chemistry with the lead actress. We all know Abigail is a tramp. She can seduce Freddie and nail him as the baby daddy. Flattered at the prospect of a son of his own, it's bye -bye Will. Unless of course they decide to add Abby and the newest rugrat to the household, making it even freakier than it already is. I'm hearing that Guy and Freddie are registered at Tuesday Morning.

message removed something

Can someone please provide a link to their registry? I'd like to get them a little something. Will Sami be taking her kids, as well as Abigail's baby with EJ, away with her when she leaves Salem? Exactly how is Sami going to be written out? Her small children are connected to, at least, two men in Salem. You know Gabi never did have that paternity test. Maybe it will turn out that Arianna Grace is really Rafe's incest baby.

The cast of Days has been instructed to keep their traps shut about what is going on with Kristen. Kristen returns this June. I'm still recovering. But the show is keeping a tight lid on her story. Is Guy still single? Has anyone heard anything about more scheduling delays and casting agents not returning Corday's calls? I'm seeing some stuff on Twitter, but God help us, DL is a much more reliable source.

If princess massey was still in the role she would have definitely wear the wedding gown as she could pass for a woman easily. But he isn't so guy's more than happy to step into the role and the lace gown he was born for. In the past there has been speculation that Days of Our Lives is set in Illinois because of the Chicago references. I wonder if the writers will officially say it on the show later on with the gay wedding. Stop arguing! I told you that I am wearing the dress.

And if you insist on telling me what to do, I'll show all is you. I will, I will! If I can't wear that Versace gown, there will be no wedding.

And I am wearing those heels, damn it. Do you know how long it took me to find those shoes? What did you say? Just forgetthe wedding is OFF! I can't wait for Chandler to come running down the aisle when the minister asks if anyone objects to the marriage. Freddie will breathe a huge sigh of relief and melt into his true love's strong comforting arms. Meanwhile, a UFO will hover overhead and beam up Guy the alien to whisk him back to his home planet. What do you mean E. I can't do this, I just can't.

Marlena will play a hot sex tape video at the wedding that will show chandler and sonny having a private bachelor party the night before the wedding, and sonny tells chandler that he still has feelings for him.

Marlena says she thought it was a video of the special moments in will and sonny's life. Little did she know that slut Kristen was back in town and she substituted a video that Dr. Chyka filmed for her in a lame effort to redeem himself. The hotness of Guy was more visible again in today's episode, i am so glad Massey left the show, his wooden acting didn't match the Wilson storyline.

No more Wilson threads. The demented cunt who eats her own shit at R has ruined it all for us. Actually, I heard the producers were going to save money by replacing all of the actors with dogs and getting interns to do the voice overs.

Just saw a photo of Casey and Guy shaving together. I'm not joking. I have to find the photo again. I wonder if they groomed each other's pubes too!

It would take an awful a lot to make Guy looks like a women. Get it, "trans-ishion" lmao. The whole Will Horton storyline makes no sense. He grew up at the Kiriakis mansion so how is it he didn't meet Sonny until ? Also how is he best buds with Abigail after what he did to her in ? I liked Dylan Patton as Will, followed by Chandler. Guy seems like he's not playing Will, but some other character.

He's okay in the part, but I don't love him the way I loved Dylan and Chandler. Apparently someone has posted a transcript of a private dinner a fan had with Freddie and his gf Alyssa Tabit. He was asked about Alyssa being a beard and his relationship with Chandler according to the transcript he started blushing and had to get up from the table and tears were forming.

R, if that really happened what you make of it is that the person who asked was a classless asshole. Poor Chandler has a needle in his arm, and coke up his nose, with his publicist's cock in his mouth. We all know he's going to be dead in two years. He looks like a wreck. That's what happens when you're out of work and Casey Deidrick and Charlie Sheen are your best friends. How appropriate! Near the beginning of today's episode, Rory tells JJ that he needs some money that JJ had borrowed because Rory "needs me some cheesy puffs".

An yet, they never showed Rory buying the cheesy puffs, eating them or any sign of cheese-powder stained fingers. I hope the show resolves this storyline. Don't leave the fans waiting for a resolution! He is very good looking. People have the freedom to say what they believe and their bosses have the freedom to suspend or fire them.

And, we all have the freedom to state whether we agree with either side. And I am free to say it! Guy is 5 times the man Chandler is, and I means that in every sense of the number. Freddie's lost some weight in just a few episodes. Must be the shooting schedule. He had a second chin two weeks ago.

GUY WILSON nude - 8 images and 0 videos - including scenes from "". Gay Guys Fuck A Naked Guy Athletes Exposed Naked Australian Boys Anatomy of Man Naked Guys Selfies Naked Guys Selfies - Blog About Men Gay Porn Videos Gay Videos 18 Twinks A Naked Twink A Nude Guy A Straight Guy Actors and Sportsmen Adonis Muscle All Naked Black Men All Naked Male Amateur and Straight Guys Aussie Beach Guys College and. Mar 15,   Must be a diffrent Guy Wilson, because the Guy Wilson on Days has been taking the show and daytime by storm, and making Freddie Smith have a step in his skip. Hardly likely hed be working at walmart. Next.

Sonny's quoting Einstein to Nick and doing an explosion expression and sound was hilarious. I think even Blake couldn't believe the dialogue. He says that Will is lazy and self-serving and refuses to work.

other variant is?

He's tired of supporting both him and Gabby. He's had it with being a live-in baby sitter, and tired of seeing Nick in his home. Victor tells Sonny not to worry, he'll take care of that bloodsucker Will and will put his scrawny elfin ass " back on the shelf where he belongs. Freddie is smiling because he kicked that tramp Aleecha's sorry ass to the curve last night. Now his bed is free for another blond whom we all no and love.

He's some kind three time loser. Must be a diffrent Guy Wilson, because the Guy Wilson on Days has been taking the show and daytime by storm, and making Freddie Smith have a step in his skip. Hardly likely hed be working at walmart. I hate to invoke her name, here, because it might bring her mentally-retarded self back. But, R and half the posters here so far What an awesome picture. Man, R, you need to check out free republic. Post there-there are possibly people who are more insane than you there.

Weed smoking and weed wacking are not considered qualifying talents. That Wilson kid's not doing too well with the community service gig!

infinitely possible

The Total Tutor interviews Freddie Smith at around the mark. Guy Wilson looks like an ape! He also looks like Sami as well. He's not so bad.

Though he looks like he will be far fatter than Freddie will ever be. Freddie Smith does not like Guy. All of that Twitter stuff is required by the PR people. They have very little to do with each other other than running lines or taping. Guy is good friends with Casey Moss and has gone out with Jen Lilly. We'll see you soon. Right now you're living in fantasy land. On my worst day I'm still smarter than you on your best day. Grow upMissy. You might also consider devoloping a sense of humor.

We are just very concerned about a couple called Guy and Freddie. We care about them, and want them to feel nurtured. Freddie espeially. It's very important that Freddie is happy, which he finally is with a man. When the boy was playing the roll, he was depressed and ate junk food. Now with a man who can satsfy Freddie, he's stopped eating carp and is slimming down by the day.

The diffrence in Freddie in terms of physeek and mentality state are ovious. They're friends. You kiddies with you school girl crushes act as though we're invading your personal circle of friends. They are not your friends, they are not your lovers.

Guy and Freddie are inseprable and always hanging out together. The frienship is very real. This is a fact and you know it and something he never did with the boy.

This something that Alyssa could'nt excerpt, so she say ta ta Freddie enjoy your new choice. They are friends, only the haters thinks they are not, its Massey who Freddie couldn't stand, they were more than enemies, Massey dad hates gays even though his son is one.

Do you lie awake every night imagining that you are having the world's most amazing slumber party with your soap friends and your all just laughing any giggling and tickling each other, dressed in your frilly pajamas. Talk about wasted energy! Funny that he trusts the jeans and not the scale. No, Freddie, you should be watching that scale. The pants relax and get bigger every year. They simply was colleagues. I don't think that they maintain contact with each other.

Is Abigail about to have an unauthorized abortion? Will she die from complications and be the next one to exit the show? I'm friends with the wardrobe assistant on Days and I told him about these threads about Freddie's weight on DL. To end the speculation Freddie is a sized 36 waist and wears a size 17 shirt. Which is fat, fat, fat. The only actors with bigger waistlines are Joe Mascolo and John Aniston. How embarrassing for him. Josh Taylor and Jim Reynolds are also 36 waist.

R you're friends with the Days wardrobe asst. We want dirt the dirtier the better. The Haters are out in force, she is a loser whoever she is, Its his private life. Freddie is happiest when he with Guy. Why that so hard for the haters to get through there heads?!?!?!?!?!?

It beautifull to watch there relationship unfold. Freddie tell me this ever time he looks into Guys eyes. The longing, the love are all there, and even Hellen Keller could see it. Soap opera-not real-must not obsess-soap opera-not real-must not obsess-soap opera-not real-must not obsess-soap opera-not real-must not obsess-soap opera-not real-must not obsess-soap opera-not real-must not obsess-soap opera-not real-must not obsess-soap opera-not real-must not obsess-soap opera-not real-must not obsess-soap opera-not real-must not obsess-soap opera-not real-must not obsess-soap opera-not real-must not obsess-soap opera-not real must not obsess-soap opera-not real-must not obsess-soap opera-not real-must not obsess-soap opera-not real-must not obsess-soap opera-not real-must not obsess-soap opera-not real-must not obsess-soap opera-not real-must not obsess-soap opera-not real-must not obsess-soap opera-not real-must not obsess-soap opera-not real-must not obsess-soap opera-not.

OP got it right, Guy is very hot compare to boy looking Massey, Massey fans may not agree but they cant judge someone on their face alone, Guy really looks like a man. There a man in Freddie's life now, and he looks happier then I've ever seen him ever. He ca'nt wait to get to the studio ever morning, knowing that his "guy" is there waiting for him.

With rumor that Freddie and Guy are looking for place together to live in West Hollywood, Freddie can soon be will waking up to Guy next to his, which will make Freddie even happier then he is right no.

Pull your dick out of your ass, it's absolutely not true. Cease and desist! Jensen Ackles came by the set and told Sami that he and Jared would be getting married later this year.

You don't piss off the gay men in hair and makeup and wardrobe. Them bitches will ruin your career in a heartbeat. Can the person who starts the next thread try to come up with a title that will not attract the troll?

Perhaps we can set up a decoy thread so that she can talk to herself and not bother the rest of us. You will be real easy to track down, honey buns! Dipshit troll My problem is with you. I don't care about anyone who is on a soap. I am sad because when Reagan shut down government insane asylums, it meant that people like you are left on your own to fend for yourselves in the world. And what's worse, as you and your fellow nut cases who are begging for quarters on the street have to inflict yourselves on us normal people.

Don't worry-I feel sorry for you. But can't you consider that most of us out here are not responsible for your condition, and, if we could, would cure you. And, in case this plea makes you feel a little puffed up, you should know that you aren't fooling anyone. We have a special "Enforcer" elf who's gonna work his special brand of " Elfin Magic" on you.

You're not gonna like it and it won't be pretty. Can OP or someone start a new Thread when this one is Full. Guy and Freddie are very important, I agree, Guy is hot, those who disagree should watch today's episode. And renew your subscription to Soap Opera Digest. I hear they have great prices. And the big bow just below his waist makes his ass look HUGE!

They can hear those shrill profanities all the way to Chicago! They just came out with a new cookie ,Coconut Toasted Onion Rings but for some unknown reason they were almost immediately yanked from the shelves by the Keebler elves themselves.

I'm not saying that there's any harmful or fatal in these cookies, but rumor has it that Keebler is going to dip them in chocolate, repackage them, and sell the cookies under the name " Dead Ringers ". Jessica was always kind of mousy and plain jane, so Joyce is a good casting choice. Should be fun to watch.

Stay Tuned I have said this before but Guy is really hot, he and Freddie gets on well according to people on set. Flashback to Dee rafting in an episodes probably from the 80s. God, this show was horrible back in the day. FRIDAY-Freddie is furious with Will because when he finds out that he has not been attending his erectial dysfunction support group meetings. Jen suspects that Liam can't get it up, either.

If you gals are so offended by the color yellow, why not campaign to get it changed to baby blue or a lovely soft pink. Look at it this way. She seems to be content spending all of her time on this thread, as well as the one that follows it. If this thread is shut down, she might move on to other threads. Unless someone can figure out a way to let her parents know how much Tim's she is spending on a gay site.

Maybe they will take her Internet access away.

apologise that, can

That would be art imitating life. R No doubt but those two at least like men! SS on the other hand I don't get how she hooked up with Carol Burnett. She's funny BUT so not hot.

Guy wilson nude

I love soaps, but it is time to shut this thread down. When you go for two or three pages with nothing but absolute nonsensical crazy crap that entertains no one but the person typing it, the thread is done. He also has no detectible sense of humor, and reacts insanely when everyone does not agree with him. But I do know she loved her threesomes with Loni and Morgan. Too bad she shut down her previous maid from releasing that tell-all. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do!

You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs.

Become a contributor - post when you want with no ads! The hotness that is Guy Wilson And why he's stick manhandling Freddie Smith's love handles and moobage. More talk about Guy, Freddie and WilSon here! No, Chandler, this isn't about you.

Hope it keeps developing. You're a freak all right, R5. R5 when she raised her hand in class:. Marlena is looking a bit weathered the last few episodes. Nicole had me on her side for months and months - and snap, just like that, against her. Rafe and Jordan bore me senseless - but I enjoy her interactions with just about everyone else.

What's up on Mark Collier being an occasional bit player to date? Who are the actors who portray T. Dan and Brady? Tad is played by Brendan Michael Coughlin. Daniel Jonas is played by Shawn Christian. Thank you, R Does it look to you like T got a nose job? Think again, r6. Greg Meng must love T. Who doesn't love T? As they finished the scene his gaze was so intense and direct, I was convinced he was hot for T and was flirting with I was hoping he was a new gay character and his last name was Dover.

R4, what's curvy about Freddie? It's Gabi and Sami. Sonny tells Jordan's hot brother that he's marrying a man. R24 His fat rolls. I don't think T is a horrible actor. I like him. Too soon to tell with the new guy. T just became a father irl. He knocked up an actress on the show. Nick is horrid, I don't know how any gay man could find this creep attractive. Ben is going to come in between Sonny and Will.

You the difference between and actor and a character don't you? The main reason I am watching Days is bc of Nick. I think you forgot the word "know"? Typical low DL standards.

At this point in her career, Eileen Davidson would be happy to work with an old shoe. WTF, perhaps I only think I watch this show. It's on everyday while I work. What's wrong with Freddie, I don't get the fat ass shit.

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JJ is a sexy little punk and if I had my choice of men it would be the hated Nick Fallon. The new gay guy replacement looks like he escaped from the snake farm.

He has more airtime coming up - and he turns out to be a bit of a psycho. R47 Please let this be the time someone kills her dead, dead, dead. R48 Nah I'm sure Daniel will be the superhero like always. Then let them both die, die, die. Someone should shove a half eaten Chick-fil-a sandwich in Jennifer's snatch.

Greg Meng looks very white to me. R53, sum ting wong with that. Kate Mansi is pissed that people are spelling Gabi "Gabby" on Twitter. And well she should, R So there you have it. Why do we never see Hope and Ciara's home?

New Guy selfie! I wonder where Guy stores his XL condoms. He keeps some at his place and a stash at Freddie's. Chandler just posted a Vine video from his bed Chandler must be arriving to class wasted Because, R60, RKK sucks moose cock. I thought it was a cat being strangled. No she isn't. Any pics of Chandler's feet? I never understand what these posters are talking about. Chandler's feet at the start of this clip. R82 A cat being strangled is what Jimmy thought you sounded like during sex, Misty.

That's why he's with meeeee now! Freddie posted this photo confirming his heterosexuality. Is that his grandmother R89? Is that right, Freddie drinks out of a mug with his own picture on it? I would have picked Freddie for a Shaun Cassidy man, myself.

If that's photoshop it's really well done. The shadows match. Good to see a boy and his mother so close.

Full archive of him photos and videos from ICLOUD LEAKS Here. Guy Wilson shows his ripped naked body on TV. Guy Wilson is an actor. Age:

Now we know why you twats hate Freddie and Chandler. And why these twats hate Alyssa? What she has done? She slept with Freddiethat' a mortal sin in the twat handbook. Let me correct you. She sleeps with Freddie. If Freddie wouldn't fuck her anymore, she already would find someone else.

She couldn't stand him. Miss Massey r is tired of greeting Walmart customers. I knew the Title of this Thread will bring the haters like R out. But do think either are true R? Freddie and Chandler were never lovers. That's a lie. Daytime Emmy noms list released this morning.

Category: Guy Wilson

Is this really how they give an actor an official nomination, or is this some fantasy thing? I wonder how good Greg Vaughan is in bed. Greg's got a great ass! What is with that t-shirt in R? This title has a typo. Is that what Walmart is calling its greeters these days? He's not really a WalMart greeter in LA now, is he?

If so, which one? I see the teen girls skipped school again to stay home, watch TV and fantasize. What the hell Oh brother, Chandler and his dirtbag agent are posting again.

Nothing like a boy in love Gay Wilson bears a strong resemblance to the " Elf on the Shelf ". Unlike the" Weak Wilsonettes " we can handle your warped truths.

Greetings, r May I direct you to the "Elf on the Shelf" display? In latest interview Freddie said: "I love playing Sonny. R present tents, unadult-rated Oh, dear!

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Chantastics are directed here:. Looks like the kids are home from school. His name is Guy "the elf" Wilson. Guy posted a new selfie with Freddie today. Guy Wilson is a typical AWG. Meanwhile, beautiful flawless Chandler had skin as smooth as just-churned sweet butter. R Do they only let you type in caps lock in the mental ward you're in? I thought Chandler had skin as smooth as a baby's ass. I never wondered why they banned the "Prancing Ponies" threads.

I didn't understand why they banned soap threads. I guess I assumed the two were different. I was wrong about the soap threads. R just posted a buttprint after his latest shit. And oddly enough, the threads with gay soap couples are often the ones saved from deletion. Very Bill Bell. Fans sent Guy and Freddie a wedding invitation congratulations. It's all coming back now Does Shawn Christian engage in the homosex?

I know, but I ain't sayin'. Back at ya, r, deerest! Nothing and not even your Link would please Massey fans R R Thank you. Guy's massively large hands are the talk of twitter. The man has it going on! His hands really are freakishly big.

phrase seems excellent

Are the elf's massively large hands supposed to compensate for his scrawny little pencil dick? They last air in May. The Elf Himself? Guy Wilson's hands: meh. Bony, knuckley. Absolute perfection! Chandler, I think this just might be about you after all. Abigail, pregnant or not? Kristen is back, bitchezzz! Don't forget to change your diaper. Shut 'er down!

Cryptic tweet from Freddie tonighT. Wonder what it means. I wouldn't mind if they wrote out Nick. But is there some ways they could keep his lips on contract? Looks like Freddie slept with a new girl any he liked it.

R Girl? You mean guy. As in Guy Wilson. Smokin what? The guy who played Vargas was smokin' hot. He'd be a great gay storyline. I wonder if they will kill off Caroline Brady. Trolldar is showing one demented troll is posting all the hideous bullshit on this thread. Keep going, honey. You'll help get this deleted in no time. We were told that the wedding is going to take place in a matter of weeks. They're not firing Peggy McCay.

Give me a break. Who said fired?

Who else could it be? Maybe it's Rafe and he's leaving with Gabi. Cancel it, perhaps. Wilson is lukewarm at best. The Keebler Elves are recalling himthey need an extra sweeper. Hope is so tragically ugly. Guy and Freddie are fighting like an old married couple of Twitter!

Chandler and Freddie would never do this. R Alfonso looks good! What was he arrested for? Faking and offending? Hope the Elf on the Shelf is using protection or "Freddie's Dead". Shut 'er down, boys!

DAYS OF OUR LIVES Star GUY WILSON on Gay Wedding Scene

Mmmmm, gurl, you done sez a mouful! Poor Guy is wallowing in amor non partage while Freddie's getting busy with Miss Alyssa. Right, R25, just as Massengil is recalling you. Guy and Freddie are fighting like an old married couple on Twitter.

Chandler and Freddie were never this close. Guy's massively huge hands are the talk of the internet. I know this to the case? Your rebuttal is ridiculous and your mastery of the English language is even worse.

My penis is in-tack too. I believe the word you are looking for is '"inverted". Ain't inverted when you was a Christian then you become a Islam? R must be Carnac the Magnificent!

Gabi looks like that crazy tanning lady. I don't know who you mean. I've always thought she looked like Cher. Sorry Cher. Don't mean to insult you. Not Gabi. This thread is now an example of why we can't have nice things anymore. Greg Vaughan's pointy nips. They were bigger in the show in a shower scene. Shocking really. Greg did some nude modeling. New letter printed this week from another person loving the chemistry between Freddie and Guy.

R Wow, hot pic! Was that 35 years ago R? Liam, Jennifer's would-be beau, seems like a prancing closet case to me. Greg, Kate, and Freddie all sleeping together.

Kate seems to be getting all the hot men in Salem, poor Camila, no wonder she left. Meet Tyson Stone, a cute, sexy boy who loves hard cock in his mouth. Tyson is inviting you to hang out and get Porn Problems Markie More is caught between a rock and a hard place. Dylan Knight is waiting in the kitchen with a cock diesel but his shooting partner is an absolute dud, and it's up to Markie to inform him.

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These lads have been winding each other up and now there's no stopping their twisted desires being played out on the sub's helpless body Strip Search Hell. Pretty Blue-eyed Lad in Prison Judging by the state of blondie's hole during the reception process this crim needs a good scrub. They don't want any bits of shit hanging from his hairy asshole. Not when there is a prison full of sexually frustrated men just gagging for a fresh piece of ass to fuck Sexual Tension With Harris Hilton and Andrei Karenin Harris sometimes may appear to be a little shy, but we are sure that this is just one of his tactics in the art of seduction.

In this scene with the gorgeous Andrei Karenin, he has the opportunity to also bring out his hot and passionate Straight Fraternity.

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