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Jamiroquai - Time Won't Wait [Bass Cover]

They have come to rock, and rock they will. Usually found having the time of their life with their covers band at the local pub, they plays it unapologetically loud and care not for your eardrums. There is no purer sight in all of bassdom. Instead of going into banking when they left college, they took a left turn into folk-rock, where they have found themselves unaccountably successful. So posh they can barely talk yet dressed like a 19th century farmer, the Mumford is the scion of a family that can directly trace its ancestry to William the Conqueror. For some, playing music is little more than wish fulfilment, a chance to put yourself in the shoes of your heroes and play grown-up make believe. Clearly, Mark King from Level 42 could play a bit.

In the band reformed with new vocalist Greg Bannis and keyboardists Steve Ansell, Andy Smith, Willy Dowling, and Steve Matthews the latter two of which departed the band inand manager and agent Ric Martin took control over the band's bookings and live appearances. On 6 Mayoriginal frontman and principal songwriter Errol Brown died from liver cancer. He was From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the drink, see hot chocolate.

For other uses, see Hot chocolate disambiguation. Funk soul pop disco.

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Current members Patrick Olive - percussion,-presentbass,-present Tony Connor - drums, percussion,-present Harvey Hinsley - guitars,-present Steve Ansell - keyboards, guitars -present Andy Smith - keyboards -present Kennie Simon - lead vocals -present Former members Errol Brown - lead vocals - Tony Wilson - bass, lead vocals - Franklyn De Allie - guitars - Jim King - drums, percussion - Larry Ferguson - keyboards - Derek Lewis - percussion, backing vocals Brian Satterwhite - bass, backing vocals Rick Green - keyboards Grant Evelyn - lead vocals Greg Bannis - lead vocals - Willy Dowling - keyboards, backing vocals - Steve Matthews - keyboards, backing vocals - This section does not cite any sources.

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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Main article: Hot Chocolate discography. Retrieved 17 December London: Guinness World Records Limited.

Retrieved 10 October Retrieved 30 December British Hit Singles 14th ed. Enfield, Middlesex: Guinness Superlatives Ltd. There is no purer sight in all of bassdom. Instead of going into banking when they left college, they took a left turn into folk-rock, where they have found themselves unaccountably successful. So posh they can barely talk yet dressed like a 19th century farmer, the Mumford is the scion of a family that can directly trace its ancestry to William the Conqueror.

For some, playing music is little more than wish fulfilment, a chance to put yourself in the shoes of your heroes and play grown-up make believe. Clearly, Mark King from Level 42 could play a bit. There they are, with their none-more-tight jeans and Pavement t-shirt, holding their bass at weird angles and occasionally bawling out a backing vocal.

By day, they're an account manager at an East London PR firm, but by night they stride the stage like a Chuck Taylor-sporting colossus.

Their thumb has a life of its own, and their bass is subjected to a near-constant battering from that swollen digit. Sir Slapsalot bought a one-way ticket to Slapsville immediately after seeing the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the Milton Keynes Bowl in the early '90s, and has yet to return. This bassist is a funky one alright, but beware: their shirt is rarely on, and their thumb is always - always - popping.

Michael Steele (born Susan Nancy Thomas on June 2, ) is an American bassist, guitarist, songwriter, and singer, best known as the bass player for the Bangles. Under the name Micki Steele, she was a founding member of the Runaways but left in . Flea, Actor: Baby Driver. Michael Peter Balzary was born on the sixteenth of October , in Melbourne, Australia. When he was four, his parents divorced and Michael, his sister Karen and his mother Patricia headed for New York; they didn't stay long and soon ended up in L.A. (in ), where his step-father, a jazz musician named Walter Urban Jr., intended to start a. D'arcy Elizabeth Wretzky-Brown (born May 1, ) is an American musician. She is the original bass player of the alternative rock band the Smashing Pumpkins and is .

Whether you like it or not. It's not easy playing alongside a blues guitarist whose dials are set to wail, but the Blues Baron does it with a cool, calm efficiency that belies their many years. They sit down when they play, never sweat, never smile, and somehow the entire show revolves around them. They are the silent arbiter of breakdowns and pace, and seem to be controlling the drummer via telepathy.

They understand the blues as only someone who has lived many lives and played several thousand gigs can, and are the very definition of a living legend. In FebruaryFlea posted photos to his Instagram page showing that he had broken his arm during a skiing trip. His injury delayed the recording of the Chili Peppers eleventh studio album for six months with production expected to resume in mid-August according to Flea, who said on 3 August, he was now healed enough to play bass again and continue recording.

The band embarked on a date world-tour which concluded in October In Flea appeared in the critically acclaimed movie Baby Driver which was named one of the top 10 films of the year by the National Board of Review. The band will focus on making a new album, which they hope to have released inalong with performing a few festival dates.

From toFlea was married to Loesha Zeviar Loesha's name still remains tattooed on Flea's chest. Together they had one daughter, Clara Balzary, who was born in Clara has been featured in many Chili Peppers books and documentaries including the band's Funky Monks documentary. She also has appeared at many shows and as a child even provided artwork for the band's T-shirts and promotional material.

As an adult, Clara was most recently in the short-lived band the Tints [81] and is also an aspiring artist and photographer, taking the promotional photographs for the new Red Hot Chili Peppers record. InFlea and Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith were charged with battery, disorderly conduct and solicitation to commit an unnatural and lascivious act after the two jumped off the stage and assaulted a woman in the crowd.

Flea picked up the woman and began to spin her around on his shoulders, while Smith pulled her bathing suit to one side and began to slap her bottom.

A cornerstone rock bass innovator, Casady made his sweeping melodic mark helping to create the 'San Francisco sound' with Jefferson Airplane and forming Hot Tuna with guitarist Jorma Kaukonen-recording with Hendrix in-between. Aug 21,   11 reasons why being a bass player is awesome. By Rob Power 21 August The best things about handling the low-end. Shares Hot damn. 2. No pressure And for bass players, there is no better feeling than plugging in, turning up, and hitting that first note. John William "Jack" Casady (born April 13, ) is an American bass guitarist, best known as a member of Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna. Jefferson Airplane became the first successful exponent of the San Francisco Sound.

Officials said Balzary got on top of the woman, asked her to perform a sex act, then began to simulate the act. After the woman cried for help, the band was escorted away. The woman apparently was picked from the audience at random and has signed a complaint against the band members. Flea was engaged in but never married model Frankie Rayder who was once named magazine's sexiest woman in the world.

They had a child together, Sunny Bebop Balzary, who was born on 26 October On 22 OctoberFlea married year-old designer Melody Ehsani just one month after the couple announced their engagement. The person who sees all of me and knows who I am. My wife melodyehsani. Flea appeared in the documentary The Other F Wordwhere he discussed the joys of being a father by saying "It's funny how you always hear people saying that classic parent attitude of, 'I brought you into this world, I gave you life!

My kids gave me life. They gave me a reason. He can often be spotted sitting courtside at Lakers games with some of his bandmates and has even performed the National Anthem prior to Lakers games. In FebruaryFlea released a passionate and revealing op-ed through Time magazine about the current Opioid crisis as well as his own personal history of drug addiction which for most of his career he had been very private about.

Flea hoped that by exposing his past issues with substance abuse that his stories could possibly help others battling their own addictions and raise more awareness on the need for those in the medical community and the government to help those in need.

Jun 01,   She's the bass player on bandleader Reggie Watts' left, the only female member of the house band Karen. After working as a touring musician for most of her life, the Israeli-born Ben-Ari is enjoying the less peripatetic job she's had for the past two years. Michael Peter Balzary, known professionally as Flea, is an Australian-American musician and actor. He is best known as a founding member and the bassist of the rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers and has appeared on every album released by the band. Flea briefly appeared as the bassist for such bands as What Is This?, Fear, and Jane's Addiction. He has performed with rock supergroups Atoms for Peace, . John William "Jack" Casady (born April 13, ) is an American bass guitarist, best known as a member of Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna. Jefferson Airplane became the first successful exponent of the San Francisco Sound.

All the adults in my life regularly numbed themselves to ease their troubles, and alcohol or drugs were everywhere, always. I started smoking weed when I was eleven, and then proceeded to snort, shoot, pop, smoke, drop and dragon chase my way through my teens and twenties," Flea said. Flea finally kicked his addictions in ; however, he revealed that in when he broke his arm in a snowboard accident he nearly had setbacks due to Oxycontin that his doctor prescribed for him "My doctor put me back together perfectly, and thanks to him I can still play bass with all my heart.

But he also gave me two-month supply of Oxycontin. The bottle said to take four each day. I was high as hell when I took those things. It not only quelled my physical pain, but all my emotions as well. I only took one a day, but I was not present for my kids, my creative spirit went into decline and I became depressed. I stopped taking them after a month, but I could have easily gotten another refill.

Addiction is a cruel disease, and the medical community, together with the government, should offer help to all of those who need it. Flea and the Chili Peppers appeared in PSA ads for Rock the Votea non-profit organization created to encourage to year-olds in the United States to vote in the upcoming presidential election.

They also performed at the June Washington, D. The concerts, which were held worldwide, were to support the cause of Tibetan independence. Inhe co-founded the Silverlake Conservatory of Music with his childhood friend Tree.

They've dropped the ball by cutting out music programs", Flea laments, "I grew up in LA public schools and was in the music department. It was really an important thing for my life, it gave me something to hold onto, and it was an important access for me. Without music I would've gotten into a lot of trouble and there are a lot of kids like me out there.

I just wanted to try to provide something like what I got. Thirty million dollars was raised during the live event which was broadcast across the world on various television networks and online. In OctoberFlea along with his daughter Sunny Bebop appeared in a Vote for Change ad voicing his support for Barack Obama for president of the United States in the upcoming election.

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According to the press release, "The musical element of this event is intended to be a display of joyful celebration and an inspiration to future generations to care for our planet.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have been great supporters of the Tibetan cause, of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and of the need to work to protect and preserve our environment. In MayFlea reached out to fans to help donate to the Special Olympics. Two lucky fans will be selected to be flown out to meet Flea for private bass lessons.

Other prizes such an exclusive T-shirts, personalized video from Flea, tickets to a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert and various autographed items by Flea are available.

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Flea took to his Facebook page in anger speaking out about 19 May Santa Barbara oil spill that pumpedgallons of crude oil into the Pacific Ocean. Flea was at the beach with his young daughter when she stepped in a tar ball. Flea wrote "Dear plains all American pipeline, my daughter just dared step on the beach for a few minutes where we live about 75 miles from the Santa Barbara oil spill you caused. She got your oil shit product all over her feet. You could have had a shut off valve but you saved cash there too.

You are the worst kind of human beings, I am infuriated you disgust me.

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Flea has been very outspoken towards guns and gun violence, sometimes speaking about it during Chili Peppers shows. He often expresses his anger on his Twitter page. Inhe said "why anyone would ever want to own an automatic weapon I will never ever understand. Automatic, semi automatic, I don't care. I'm against em Melt em all down turn em into sculptures there is no need for them on earth. In many countries, the cops have no guns and they do perfectly fine.

No civilians should be allowed to have guns. This is too much. Humans are an over rated species. God help us. In AugustFlea added an apiary in his backyard which includes three beehives with approximately 60, bees each and overbees total in his backyard in efforts to restore the honeybee population.

I love my bees. Flea's bees. On 18 SeptemberFlea and his Chili Peppers bandmates were among over entertainers and celebrities to announce that they would be voting for Bernie Sanders in the election for President of the United States. The Chili Peppers performed at a fundraiser on behalf the non-profit organisation San Diego Foundation on 27 September Flea along with bandmate Anthony Kiedis hosted an annual benefit for the Silverlake Conservatory of Music on 17 October The Chili Peppers performed a rare acoustic set and John Legend headlined the event.

Flea took part in the Pathway to Paris concert in December The all-star event aimed to raise awareness about the urgency of climate action and coincided with the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris.

The mere notion of a bass guitarist turning up to 11 (at the request of his guitar player, Pete Townshend), happened because Entwistle gave the bass the Darwinian push it needed to evolve into. Kristen Marie Pfaff (May 26, - June 16, ) was an American musician, best known as the bassist for alternative rock band Hole from to Prior to Hole, Pfaff was the bassist and backing vocalist for Minneapolis-based band Janitor returned to Janitor Joe for a short tour in the weeks before her death. Victor Wooten is without doubt the most innovative bass player, and most likely the best living bassist. Victor started playing bass when he was 3 or 4 years old, so he has that skill literally built into his brain. I would say Steven Bailey is up there too, along with Sheehan, Clarke, and Geddy.

Flea said, "Bernie Sanders is the only remotely reasonable candidate for President of the United States. Koko was thrilled by the mellow sounds and a jamming session followed with Koko strumming on Flea's bass!

Flea has been very outspoken on the issue of climate change saying in January "the destructive effects of climate change are ongoing and will be difficult for us human beings to deal with. Love is the only thing that can help us.


Love each other, love the earth, let's be there for each other. The fires even halted the recording for the Chili Peppers' twelfth album.

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In AprilFlea started writing his own book, his memoirs. The book will chronicle Flea's unconventional childhood including his move from a "normal" life in the New York suburbs to a "bohemian" lifestyle in Los Angeles with his jazz-playing stepfatherhis adventures in the L.

In Februaryit was announced that Flea's long-awaited memoirAcid for the Childrenwould be released on 25 September ; however, a few months later the release date was pushed back to 27 November Will have a date as soon as possible.

Sorry about any inconveniences. Flea also confirmed that unlike previously mentioned four years earlier, the book would focus exclusively on his life before the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Hot bass player

Flea will promote the book by going on a book tour in various places throughout the United States from November to December Flea has employed a wide variety of basses over his career with some varying exclusivity, such as Music Man, Modulus, his own brand Fleabass, and Fender Jazz and Precisions. According to the Flea Bass Rig video he used the following over the years in order of appearance.

Flea toured the Californication record with his signature Modulus Flea basses Later renamed Modulus Funk Unlimited after the endorsement.

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He was seen with several designs over this time. InFlea founded the Fleabass company with the goal to create quality budget basses for beginners. Whilst Flea did not perform with his own Fleabass production model he did however use a custom model created by UK artist Damien Hirst. The whole new album I play on it. This bass is kind of heavy for live-I don't play Fenders that much live-but it's beautiful". From " The Getaway " world tour beginning June Flea was back on the road with three Custom Shop Fender Jazz basses.

The Silver Jazz is Fleas' current main tour bass, replacing his Modulus basses in the process. Some of the songs mentioned to have been recorded with different basses were determined by ear, by experienced and knowledgeable bassists, as there was no official information. According to an article in uberproaudio.

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Flea endorses bass amplifiers made by Gallien-Krueger. Flea has displayed a wide variety of techniques throughout the years, ranging from his initial use of slapping and popping to the more traditional methods he has employed since Blood Sugar Sex Magik.

Greg Prato of Allmusic wrote that "by combining funk-style bass with psychedelic, punk, and hard rock, Flea created an original playing style that has been copied numerous times". Flea stated in an interview, that he was influenced greatly by Louis Armstrong. Someone kept coming out and pouring crazy glue into the hole. Before Californicationhe did not believe the actual bass held much significance: "what mattered was how you hit them [basses] and your emotional intent, and I still think that's the bottom line.

Regarded as one of the best rock bass players of all time, inRolling Stone ' s readers ranked Flea the second-best bassist of all time in their top-ten poll, ranked behind only John Entwistle and ahead of Paul McCartney. Flea's bass playing has changed considerably throughout the years.

Michael Steele (musician)

When he joined Fearhis technique centered largely on punk rock bass lines; however, he was to change this style when the Red Hot Chili Peppers formed. He began to incorporate a "slap" bass style that drew influence largely from Bootsy Collins. When you play less, it's more exciting-there's more room for everything.

If I do play something busy, it stands out, instead of the bass being a constant onslaught of notes.

Best & Beauty 11 Women Bassist of Metal Bands

Space is good. During the writing and recording of One Hot MinuteFlea integrated some use of slap-bass progressions, but continued to center his technique around the philosophy of "less is more" rather than complexity: "I can't even think of anything I played that was complex [on the record]; even the slapping stuff is simple.

It's original-sounding, and I'm proud of that-but what I played was more a matter of aesthetic choice. I mean, we definitely jammed on the ideas, but there's only one groove on the whole album that came from a jam, 'Deep Kick'.

2. No pressure

The rest of it came from my sitting down with a guitar or bass. Flea became interested in electronica during the Californication era and he attempted to emulate the same atmosphere given off by synthesizers into his bass playing: "I feel the most exciting music happening is electronica, without a doubt. In By the Waymany of the bass-lines were entirely stripped of funk.

Aug 22,   Bass: MusicMan Stingray. Technique: All the slaps, all the time. Sir Slapsalot bought a one-way ticket to Slapsville immediately after seeing the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the Milton Keynes Bowl in the early '90s, and has yet to return. Their thumb has a life of its own, and their bass is subjected to a near-constant battering from that swollen digit. May 14, - Explore james_stavole's board "hot girl bass players" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Women of rock, Guitar girl and Female guitarist. Hot Chocolate are a British soul band popular during the s and s, formed by Errol Brown and Tony Wilson. The act had at least one hit every year from to , and their song " You Sexy Thing " made the Top 10 in three decades.

Flea felt the chords Frusciante had written were not supportive of his typical technique; furthermore, he does not feel the musical direction of the record was specifically melodic, but instead " The way we [the band] compose music is a very communal thing. In AprilFlea finished second in an online poll conducted by Contact Music to name the best bass guitarist in rock music.

Flea lost to the late John Entwistle of the Who. Flea's stepfather was in a bebop band that frequently jammed in his presence, so he soon became fascinated with the trumpet. Originally, Flea was given the impression by punk bands, that one should play as hard and fast as they possibly could, but ultimately rejected this philosophy during Blood Sugar Sex Magik : "I was so into being raw [

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