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Nine Chicks Dead (Graphic)

There is no glamorous lighting. No one is contoured or wearing fake eyelashes. That being said, there is something much more beautiful about the women on The Walking Dead. The lack of glamorization reminds us that sometimes people are even more beautiful without all of the fixings. The Walking Dead stars are meant to look like they are living through a zombie apocalypse so they rock the barefaced look and their hair looks like it was washed last month

Even though she tried to kill Maggie and baby Glenn, Goossen was still really good looking while being evil. Alexa Nikolas played one of the members of Woodbury, who we actually got to know for a bit before she was killed off. One day, Andrea joins her and Haley talks a big game, claiming to have killed her father for the bow and arrow.

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Andrea simply tells her that's not why she killed her father. When a zombie approaches the wall, it turns out that Haley can't shoot for shit. She tries to take down a zombie over and over and over again to no avail. Andrea then hops down off the wall and stabs the zombie, which really pissed off Haley, even though she sucked at trying to shoot it.

Haley is later shot by Maggie.

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The year-old has been working for quite some time, best known for her role on Zoey Teri Wyble played another officer from the Grady Memorial Hospital plot, because the whole Grady Memorial Hospital plot was seriously cop central. Screw you, Office Dawn. We'll never forgive you.

Dead Rising 2: There's Some Hot Chicks in this Town (Part 3)

Wyble played Officer Shepherd, who was one of the officers the group had taken hostage. She is also the levelheaded officer who keeps the situation from escalating after both Beth and Dawn were shot. Sure, her role was minor but her face is beautiful.

Ah, Michonne, the fiercest babe living in The Walking Dead. And so is Rick. No wonder Rick is such a fan. Beth Keener played Annie, an Alexandria resident.

Hot dead chicks

While she only lived two episodes, she was still one of the stronger Alexandria women. I mean, most of them stayed inside the walls and talked about how they wished they had a pasta maker.

Her willingness to venture outside the walls for the betterment of the group won us over. Oh, and also the fact that she's gorgeous helped.

Oct 25,   The Walking Dead might be a gritty show about surviving the zombie apocalypse, but don't let that fool you into thinking that the show is not swarming with super hot actresses. Sure, it's not Keeping Up With The Kardashians. There is no glamorous lighting. No one is contoured or wearing fake eyelashes. Mar 25,   Author Vincit Omnia Veritas Posted on August 16, May 10, Format Gallery Categories Murder Tags CCTV Video, Dead Girl, Dead hot Girl, Fall to Death, girl, Girlfriend, Hot Girls Dead, Young Girl Comments on Girl Falls from Building, Guy Takes Her Corpse Up in Elevator Corpse of Indonesian Woman Recovered from Belly of Reticulated Python. Hot girls everywhere! Check out the best looking college girls on the Internet. New images ated daily - these chicks are hot, hot, hot! Keep Calm and Chive On! Submit; Playboy is dead. Long live Playboy. By: Dustin. Mar 19, 03/19/ Liked! 38 Disliked 0. hotness. Burn your bra and join the revolution! (35 Photos) By: Brian.

In season six, Annie is with the group that tries to keep the zombie heard from attacking Alexandria. On the mission, she trips and twists her leg but keeps going. She shoots 3 zombies before she runs out of ammo and is eaten. Oh, Beth Greene, we still totally miss you. Not only is Emily Kinney a total hottie but she also has a beautiful voice, as we heard from her time on The Walking Dead. Even though she's long gone, her stint on The Walking Dead as actually very long in terms of the show.

She grew from the sweet, innocent girl who didn't really have what it took to live in that world and turned into a survivor who stabbed a chick in the neck with scissors. We all know how that ended, though. She now stars on the ABC show Conviction. It's Daryl. Sonequa Martin-Green plays Sasha Williams, one of the strongest women on the show.

Hot Dead Guys & Hot Dead Chicks

Her character on the show is totally lovable too. Of course, she went off the deep end after Bob and Tyreese both died. That was kind of annoying but we forgive her. We forgave Rick for getting phone calls from beyond the grave and having Lori hallucinations, so we have to give everyone at least one free grieving pass. Since then, Sasha has been back to her badass self. I mean, really. She is hot. It doesn't seem all that practical but hey, it's totally hot. In season six we saw Abraham break up with her in a seriously rough way.

Have some bedside manner, Abraham. Behind the scenes, undressed for St. By: John Feb 19, Sultry dresses will have their day in the sun again! Best Photos of the Year: Part 2 Photos. By: Bob Dec 31, Bikini daydream distraction initiated!

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