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When Did Naruto Get Hinata Pregnant EXPLAINED!!!

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Hinata wasn't used to having that skin touched, so it was very sensitive.

Hinata have sex

Naruto's lips tickled the skin there and made Hinata giggle pleasantly, and it was very erotic for Naruto. Every time Hinata giggled, she also shied away from Naruto because he tickled her.

So, Naruto had to chase after her in order to keep his lips on her. It was a game they liked to play, and it was a very fun game indeed. Naruto always seemed to win - as in he succeeded in keeping his lips on her breasts - but he had a feeling that Hinata let him win because she liked his lips on her breasts. As Naruto switched to Hinata's right breast, Hinata once again brought her hands into action. The position Naruto was in allowed him to suck on Hinata's breasts while avoiding putting any of his body's weight on her knees, and it forced him to sit up on his knees and bend down to put his mouth on her chest.

As a result, his ass stuck up into the air. Hinata reached her left hand up and traced her fingernails down his spine, and then almost casually slipped her fingers under his silky pants and placed her hand on his ass. Naruto let out a small grunt of pleasure, and Hinata began to gently stroke the skin on both his ass cheeks with her left hand. Every now and then she would quickly run a fingernail up or down his crack - Naruto didn't mind as long as she didn't try to put her finger into the hole.

While her left hand worked its magic on his rear, Hinata's right hand was slowly working its way down his chiseled abdomen. It tickled, but not sharply or unpleasantly. It didn't exactly turn him on with the feeling of what she was doing; rather the indication of where her hand might go served as a very good turn-on. It probably only took a few seconds, but it took forever, as far as Naruto was concerned, for her right hand to slip beneath the elastic of his pants.

One of her fingernails traced a line down to his crotch that ran right along the crease in his skin along the crease between his stomach and his left thigh. She lightly tickled his thigh in a tease before she obligingly touched her fingernail to the skin of his penis. Soon, three slender fingers slid down his shaft, starting as they met fingertips to his head, and slowly, gently, lightly swept down towards his balls. Her fingers slid along his cock in such a way that as the fingertips moved further down, the rest of her fingers dragged along the tip of his penis.

By the time she had worked her fingers down to where his cock met his balls, his head was in the palm of her hand and she was squeezing lightly with the muscles in her palm. All three of her fingers were in full contact with his penis, and their fingernails tickled the hair on his balls. It simultaneously felt agonizing and heavenly; it tickled his balls in just the right way that it made the skin surrounding them get goosebumps, but the reaction it created all the way up the tubes of his balls and up to the base of his cock felt so good that it drove away almost all of his body's reflex to jerk away from her touch.

It didn't get rid of all of it, so he gave involuntarily spasms as she tickled his balls, but she knew that he liked it, so she didn't stop. Naruto let out a long gasp of pleasure, but quickly went back to sucking on her right breast. The hard part about it now was that he had to concentrate on pleasuring her breasts while she was playing with him. What she was doing felt so good that he wanted to just forget about making her feel good and just enjoy what she was doing for him, but he couldn't do that.

He had originally started doing all of this so she would feel good. Not only that, but her boobs were still right in his face! How could he not suck on them? Hinata suddenly wrapped her hand all the way around Naruto's cock and started stroking it slowly. Naruto allowed another grunt of pleasure escape his lips. He had just finished sucking on Hinata's right breast, so now he was rubbing it dry with his left hand.

He put his face in between her boobs and squeezed them to press firmly against his face. Not being able to help himself, Naruto began to thrust into her hand with his hips. It felt so good, and it was really more subconscious than anything else. Before too long, Naruto stopped himself.

Hinata hadn't seemed to have minded, but he wanted to stop himself before he started to have all the fun. He put his lips back onto her skin, still with his face right between her breasts.

Then, he slowly started to move down her body again, kiss by kiss. Lower and lower he went, all down her stomach to her belly button.

It took him a long time because he honestly didn't want to pull his cock out of the reach of Hinata's hand, but eventually he pulled his head out of a hole her fingers had created to stroke him, and from there he kept moving down her abdomen.

He stopped for a little while at her belly button, where he traced the tip of his tongue around its rim. Moving further down, he reached the lower limit of her bare skin and was forced to stop for the time being.

Her pajama bottoms prevented him from putting his lips on any piece of skin lower than he already was, so he stopped just for a moment. Naruto brought his hands down from where they had been continuing to grope her breasts, and now slid them slowly between Hinata's pajama pants and her smooth skin.

Hinata let out a sharp gasp as his fingers began to feel their way towards her pussy. Her skin along the way was completely hairless - waxed off by Hinata very carefully - and it felt good on Naruto's fingers. Finally, Naruto's fingers crawled far enough down Hinata's pants that his middle fingers could touch her clitoris, and so he began to gently massage the skin all around her pleasure nub.

Hinata's gasps melted into a low, pleased hum that Naruto swore he could have felt echoing in her clit. He massaged all around her clit, not daring to try to stimulate it before he knew for certain she was ready. When Naruto could begin to smell her natural lubrication leaking out of her, he pushed his middle fingers closer together and very gently pinched her clitoris between them. He rubbed up and down, his fingers moving in unison.

Each time he moved his fingers up, he pressed ever so slightly more forcefully into her pelvis, and after about ten or so times of gently rubbing up and down, he pushed his fingers up and firmly locked them in place in such a way that pinned Hinata's clit between his fingers and her pelvis.

He didn't press extremely hard; just hard enough to allow the constant pressure induce a sensation in Hinata's pussy that would make her ready to take Naruto's cock. Hinata allowed another moan to escape her lips, and she actually started to gently rock her hips forward and backward against Naruto's fingers.

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Hinata began to moan softly with each breath, and each moan began as her hips began to move forward against his fingers. After a few brief moments, Naruto could tell that Hinata no longer wanted her pants on. His training as a shinobi now came into play, because he wanted to take her pajama pants off, but he wanted to keep stimulating Hinata's clitoris, lest she fall back into a less-aroused state of sexual readiness.

So, in order to make taking off her pajamas go smoothly, he had to switch his position. He extended his legs so that the knees pushed off the bed straight up, and he made sure that the pressure on Hinata's clitoris was gentle enough to keep stimulating without becoming painful as his body flew in an arc over hers, with the pivot point being right over her pussy.

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Naruto twisted in the air and landed softly with his knees on the pillow to either side of Hinata's head. Hinata didn't even flinch.

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She apparently trusted Naruto enough that she knew she wouldn't be harmed if she just stayed laying on the bed as she was. Naruto was also conscious about preventing another turn-off from happening. He kept his ab muscles tight for the duration of his flight, and as a result, when he landed, his penis didn't come down and smack her in the face. Instead, he released them slowly and allowed his head to come down and gently rest on her lips for just a moment, and then he pulled it back up and allowed Hinata to decide whether or not she wanted to do that for him.

His pajama pants were still between the skin of his penis and her lips, but he swore he could have felt Hinata give it a gentle kiss before he removed it. Naruto, meanwhile, was now busy with Hinata's pants. He still had his middle fingers pressing her clit into her pelvis, but he had the elastic of her silky pants in his teeth and he was pushing his head forward so as to cause her pants to move down her legs.

Hinata helped him by pushing her hips upward and lifting her butt off the bed just enough to eliminate the resistance against the pants her body would create while pinning them to the bed.

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The pants slid past her ass easily, and as a result, Naruto released them from his teeth. He brought his head back to where it was when he landed, and placed his mouth on the skin of Hinata's groin just above her clit.

He removed his hands from her genital area and proceeded to slide her pajama bottoms the rest of the way off. Not caring for theatrics this time, he didn't bother throwing them across the room; rather, he pushed them to one side and allowed them to pool into a pile of silk that settled at the side of his bed. Apparently, this was exactly what Hinata had been waiting for, because in a quick whirl, Hinata pushed up with her pelvis, and practically jumped with her back, causing both of their bodies to fly about a foot above the bed.

Before they landed, Hinata flipped both of them over and Naruto was surprised, but not thunderstruck, to find that he had been the one to land on his back, and Hinata's pussy was now pressing firmly but still somewhat gently to his lips from above him.

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Naruto also noticed that there was a not-so-gentle tug on his pajama bottoms, and he quickly obliged Hinata by lifting his own hips enough for her to pull them off. She quickly slid them off and allowed them to pool in a pile near her own pajama bottoms, and that was the last thought Naruto had of clothing.

Hinata took Naruto's hard cock in her hands and silently stroked it a few times before she raised the head to her lips and licked it once. Naruto felt an involuntary spasm jerk his cock out of Hinata's hands. He also couldn't help the fact that he grunted with obvious pleasure at what she had done.

As a reward for treating him so wonderfully, Naruto produced his own tongue from between his lips and made wet contact with her clit. It tasted wonderful! Up until now he had only been able to smell her, and even that had been tantalizing enough.

Now, with her juices on his tongue, he was practically in heaven! Hinata may as well have been with him in heaven, because she let out a sound that was a mix between one of her moans and a grunt of pleasure of her own.

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Naruto and hinata have sex

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